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The Archeophone

Technical data
Main features

Universal player:
Plays all types of phonograph cylinders so-called "Edison wax cylinders" designed between 1888 and 1929 : Bell-Tainter, all Lioret sizes, Standard, Dictaphone, Dictabelt visible record (Dictaphone 'Time Master' brand), Phenix, Intermediate Salon, Kinetophone, Concert, 20th Century and Celeste sizes.

Auto speed linear tracking tonearm:
Tracks all types of grooves and pitches. Pierre Clément system. A tracking motor is optically controlled by the positioning of the tonearm. Tracks over 280 mm length. Iindication of the stylus pressure on the cylinder in grams.

Pickup head:
Standard cartridge holders, SME type, possibility of instant cartridge replacement (Shure, Ortofon, Stanton recommended). Corundum or glass styli for each type of groove.

Speed range:
From 44 to 238 rpm.

Indication of speed:
True speed in rpm indicated by a digital frequency meter through an optical eye sonde plugged to the very axle of the cylinder.

Cylinder holders:
Solid polypropylene mandrels placed between steel points.

Compensation for cylinder eccentricity:
Some eccentric and warped cylinders can cause wow and flutter as well as scratches or faulty tracking (skipping and skating). This is avoided by means of two devices at each end of the mandrel which stabilize the rotation of the cylinder.

Asynchronous motor with Studer Revox external rotor, driving flat belt, the whole mechanism is placed on silent blocks and springs. Whole aluminium body.

Two Cinch (RCA) plugs outputs, allowing an unlimited choice of preamplification. Stabilized power supply for AC 110-127-220-240;50-60Hz.
Maximum external dimensions 540 (W) 320 (D) 330 (H) mm. Weight 24kg.

Silent and robust machine, providing great safety when handling cylinders. Easy use and high quality workmanship. Long mandrels insuring that shrunk or too loose cylinders are properly fixed. Easy centering of cylinder surface by offsetting the axis of the mandrel without tools and by means of micrometric screws. Accurate measurment of the speed of rotation guaranteed. Possibility of reading cylinders at a very slow speed. Possibility of playing all other sizes not mentioned above.



New optional mandrel (2007) for the floppy Dictabelt Visible Records (Dictaphone 'Time Master' brand)

The Dictabelt, a recording medium of the 1950's - The best way to digitize Dictabelts for archival purposes (2015) :

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