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Created in France in 1998 by Henri Chamoux, Archéophone is the only modern device able to play all formats of wax or celluloid cylinders, produced between 1888 and 1929, and even later. These sound recordings are fragile and wear very quickly if they are read on vintage phonographs. Archéophone, which allows the transcription of the cylinders on CD, is now used by the largest Archives which preserve such media in the world : The Library of Congress, Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Edison National Historic Site, as well as other private institutions and collections. On these pages you can listen to mp3 recordings of cylinders, and find many information about the history of old recordings. You can watch a film here which shows the way the Archeophone works.



Archeophone tell me :

More about the Archeophone phonograph in the world which brings back early voices from the past to life
The Archeophone - technical data - main features - New mandrel to play Dictabelt size here !
A Tribute to Pierre Clément (1906-1970), inventor of the linear tracking servo controlled tonearm

Some sources for the history of shellac record and wax cylinder :

10 000 Early Gramophone records and Phonograph Cylinders On-line Database :
Works on the early broadcasting and distribution of sound recordings in France

More curiosities here :

English version : Henri Chamoux - Chinese version :Gao Ying Shuang, Zhang Meng - Créditos pela tradução em português : Katiene Nogueira da Silva






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