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How to transfer sounds recorded 100 years ago on phonograph cylinders?

The Archeophone is a universal cylinder player for archives and advanced collectors.

Some pages in English about the Archeophone:

University of California, Santa Barbara

University of Chapel Hill, North Carolina

The Phonograph makers' pages

More info on the French page !

Sound to download : alla Turca from Mozart,
on a Lioret cylinder in 1898!

The Archéophone, a universal phonograph cylinder player.

N.B.: I am looking for cylinders to be transferred onto CD.
More than 2000 titles transferred for now.

More Cylinders to be listened on line :

Some French cylinders transferred with the Archeophone :

Cylinders read by the Archeophone in California :

 archeold.jpg (13564 octets)
The Archéophone #1, as first shown in August 1998.




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