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This other copy is preserved in the collections of l'Istituto Tecnico Toscano, Firenze, Italia.

Berliner 5 inch record #120


Among the earliest piano solos on commercial records !
Another piano solo is on
Berliner 5 inch record #P 476, entitled Bierwalzer

Boccaccio, or the Prince of Palmero is an operetta in three acts by Franz von Suppé to a German libretto by Camillo Walzel and Richard Genée, based on the play by Jean-François-Antoine Bayard, Adolphe de Leuven, Léon Lévy Brunswick and Arthur de Beauplan.

The opera was first performed at the Carltheater, Vienna, February 1, 1879.

Plot synopsis :
Firenze, anno 1331. In Medieval Florence the erotic novellas of the poet Boccaccio cause a stir and the locals are divided into the female fans of his scandalous tales and their jealous husbands. A plot is hatched by the angry husbands to chase Boccaccio from the city and have him locked up. But Boccaccio has other plans, including one to win the hand of the Duke's daughter Fiametta, which he finally succeeds in doing after finding favour with the Duke. Suppé's finest operetta.

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