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Berliner 5 inch record #65

Whist ! The Bogie Man

words by Edward Harrigan (1844-1911) ; music by David Braham (1838-1905)

Oh ! gather round me little ones,
So full of fun and glee;
Your dad is going to play the fool
To please the family.
All jump upon the table,
Upset the dish and pan;
I love to hear your mother say,
Whist! whist! the bogie man.

Oh ! whist! whist! whist!
Here comes the bogie man,
Now go to bed, you baby,
You Tommy, Nell, and Dan,
Oh! whist! whist! whist!
He'll catch ye if he can,
An all the popsey-wopseys-wop
Run from the bogie man.

A complete text with sheetmusic is visible here :

Edward Harrigan (October 26, 1844 – June 6, 1911) was an American actor, playwright, theatre manager, and composer. Harrigan and Tony Hart formed the first famous collaboration in American musical theatre. More here

David Braham (1838 – April 11, 1905) was a London-born musical theatre composer most famous for his work with Edward Harrigan and Tony Hart. More here